Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, so why not send your loved one a beautiful bouquet to show your love and affection.

At M & D Flowers, we have a wonderful selection of lovely flowers, from amazing red roses to lilies and stunning foliage  We also have our fabulous and unique heart-shaped flower boxes, guaranteed to bring a smile.

All flower bouquets are wrapped in recyclable paper and raffia as are our bags and boxes. We are committed to being eco-friendly at M & D Flowers.

Take a look at the below products on offer and place your order online.   

If you’d prefer to place your order over the phone, please call: 01822 735220 or email

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    Deluxe Rose Bouquet

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What makes our flowers so amazing?

  • Superb quality from the best growers
  • Big heads and flowers that look fantastic
  • Flowers that are guaranteed to make someone smile
  • Beautiful and fragrant, equally and uniquely!
  • Designs created to your desired requirements
  • Flowers arranged by a florist with over 25 years’ experience

Finally, if you would like to order your flowers over the phone, you can call us on 01822 735220 to discuss sizes and types.

Or email:

Pledge of quality

Our flowers are supplied by the best distributors, including locally grown from Cornwall and Holland.  Every product is made to the highest standards with care and attention.  We use the following suppliers, B J Richards, The Flower Trader, Florismart and Dutch Flower Import South West.

We use recyclable materials & paper, no plastic cello for our hand-tied boxes.

If you are looking to buy flowers online, have you considered that if you use a relay service (read this very simple article here) then your flowers could potentially come from anywhere.  This includes someone working from home, not registered with no qualifications.  Your flowers could even come from a supermarket!  Whilst most relays will use florists (actual flower shops), you’ll also be getting a lot less for your money as the flower shop that uses a relay, must give away a significant percentage of the sale.  Don’t do the ‘box to the door!’

Tips on taking care of your flowers

  • Never leave your bouquet or flowers near a hot radiator or overly hot area
  • Replace any water bag within 2 days and put your flowers into clean water in a jug about 3/4 full
  • Use the flower food contained inside the bag to feed your flowers
  • Don’t leave your flowers in a damp cold place either

If you follow the above tips your flowers should last more than a week.