Sansevieria in a Nice Ceramic Pot


A beautiful & fresh Sansevieria in a Nice Ceramic Pot.



Sansevieria in a Nice Ceramic Pot

This lovely Sansevieria comes with a ceramic pot included.  This plant is also know as ‘snake plant’ or Mother-in-law’s tongue. A striking plant, which is hardy and will purify the air quality in your home.

What makes our flowers so amazing?

  • Superb quality from the best growers
  • Big heads and flowers that look fantastic
  • Flowers that are guaranteed to make someone smile
  • Beautiful and fragrant, equally and uniquely!
  • Designs created to your desired requirements
  • Flowers arranged by a florist with over 25 years’ experience

If you would prefer to order your Sansevieria in a Nice Ceramic Pot over the phone, please call us on 01822 735220

Or email:

Sansevieria in a nice ceramic pot

Pledge of quality

Our plants are supplied by the best distributors, including locally grown from Cornwall and Holland.  Every product is made to the highest standards with care and attention.  We use the following suppliers, B J Richards, The Flower Trader, Brackens, Florismart and Dutch Flower Import South West.

We use recyclable materials & paper, no plastic cello used!

Tips on taking care of your Sansevieria plant

  • If re-potting consider using a soilless potting mixture, as highlighted in an article from Gardening Knowhow
  • Don’t water frequently, leave them and be careful not to get the leaves wet.  Allow the soil to try between watering
  • Place in indirect light and fertilise during the growing season
  • You can propagate these plants and make cuttings. Cut 2-3 inches and place the cut leaf into a pot facing upwards
  • This plant is toxic for pets, although it’s highly unlikely your pet will want to eat one though!

If you follow the above tips your Sansevieria plant should last a long time.

Additional information

Colour choice

Pastels, Pinks, Vibrant


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