Hanging Basket


This beautifully presented Hanging Basket will look amazing outside your house. Filled with fresh, beautiful plants.

Choose from either medium or large sizes. (see description below for more information)

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Hanging Basket

This beautiful hanging basket makes for the perfect gift and filled with an amazing selection of the highest quality flowers.  You can select from two sizes, either medium or large sized. The colours and plants will be mixed summer colours.  Our plants are sourced from local suppliers and Holland for the finest quality.

What makes our plants so amazing?

  • Superb quality from the best growers
  • Plants that look fantastic
  • Plants that are guaranteed to make someone smile
  • Beautiful and fragrant, equally and uniquely!
  • Fantastic variety, if there’s something you need, we’ll get it!

If you would like to order your Hanging Basket over the phone, you can call us on 01822 735220 to discuss your requirements.

Or email: contact@manddflowers.co.uk

Pledge of quality

Our plants are supplied by the best distributors, including locally grown from Cornwall and Holland.

We use recyclable materials & paper, no plastic cello!

If you are looking to buy plants online, have you considered that if you use a relay service (read this very simple article here) then your plants could potentially come from anywhere.  This includes someone working from home, not registered with no qualifications.  Your plants could even come from a supermarket!  Whilst most relays will use florists (actual flower shops), you’ll also be getting a lot less for your money as the flower shop that uses a relay, must give away a significant percentage of the sale.  Don’t do the ‘box to the door!’

Tips on taking care of your plants

  • In general you should water your plants every day in summer time (early morning, or late in the evening when the sun has set)
  • Use plant food, like Tomorite with your plants
  • Be careful planting in an exposed area as your plants may be susceptible to forceful wind
  • Ask us if you’re not sure about how to care for your plants

If you follow the above tips your plants should last more than a week.

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