At M & D Flowers we have a beautiful range of fabulous flowers and decorative garden planters as well as lovely gifts.

We also stock locally made wood carved items, ideal for planting – including wheelbarrows of any size!  Bird houses and other hand carved decorative items.

Our lovely animal shaped planters are filled with seasonal flowers and look stunning!

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Research has proven that looking at flowers in the morning can make you feel happier and more energetic

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Happier employees can lead to an empowered workforce with increased innovative thinking and better problem-solving capabilities

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Science has proven that flowers have the ability to reduce negativity, depression, and anxiety

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A cluttered and messy environment may put off prospective employees, whereas a well-designed space will represent positive aspects (organisation, structure & professionalism)


We also have a lovely selection of vases, pots and plants in-shop – so pop over or call us if you see something you like: 01822 735220 – or email