Business Flowers

At M & D Flowers we offer businesses and organisations in the local community a fantastic bespoke business flowers & plant arrangement service.  We only use locally grown and plants sourced from the best suppliers.  We guarantee top quality, provided with 25 years’ experience!

Create an amazing impression for your prospective clients and customers. 

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  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business flower arrangement
  • Business Flower Arrangements

Why M & D flowers?

Here are some reasons why our arrangements can mean the difference between a sale or securing an important contract:

Your clients

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Our arrangements will create a relaxing, fragrant environment for prospective customers/clients

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A highly decorative focal point, which immediately attracts attention

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Provides customers/clients with a positive image about your business

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If your customers/clients like plants/flowers then you're creating an immediate connection with them

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Flowers are highly versatile, you can change them to suit and they can make empty spaces more dynamic and visually appealing

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Your reception area is the most important part of your business, this is where you welcome people. This is where you make the ultimate statement

Your customers

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Research has proven that looking at flowers in the morning can make you feel happier and more energetic

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Happier employees can lead to an empowered workforce with increased innovative thinking and better problem-solving capabilities

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Science has proven that flowers have the ability to reduce negativity, depression, and anxiety

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A cluttered and messy environment may put off prospective employees, whereas a well-designed space will represent positive aspects (organisation, structure & professionalism)

Types of business

Our flowers & plants are tailored to your business needs and are the perfect compliment for a number of business locations, such as:

  • Hotel receptions
  • Legal professions
  • Car showrooms
  • Reception areas
  • Surgeries
  • Restaurants
  • Function rooms
  • Hair Salons/barbers

Contact us

Please contact Daiga on 01822 735220 or email or alternatively fill out the form below.

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What makes our flowers so amazing?

  • Superb quality from the best growers
  • Big heads and flowers that look fantastic
  • Flowers that are guaranteed to make someone smile
  • Beautiful and fragrant, equally and uniquely!
  • Designs created to your desired requirements
  • Flowers arranged by a florist with over 25 years’ experience

Pledge of quality

Our flowers/plants are supplied by the best distributors, including locally grown from Cornwall and Holland.  Every product is made to the highest standards with care and attention.  We use the following suppliers, B J Richards, The Flower Trader, Brackens, Florismart and Dutch Flower Import South West.

We use recyclable materials & paper, no plastic cello!

Tips on taking care of your flowers/plants

Flowers (hand-tied, loose flowers)

  • Never leave your flowers near a hot radiator or overly hot area, they will almost certainly not be happy!
  • Replace any water bag within 2 days and put your flowers into clean water in a jug about 3/4 full. (if you leave the water, this will similarly reduce their lifespan)
  • Use the flower food contained inside the bag to feed your flowers (because this will help extend their life)
  • Don’t leave your flowers in a damp cold place either (consequently, air moisture may not be good and some flowers don’t like it too cold)


  • In general most indoor plants don’t like to be over-watered (we will advise on how to care for your plants)
  • Check with us if your plant prefers direct sunlight or not
  • If there are any dead leaves, remove them or trim accordingly (dead material can cause damage to the plant)
  • After time your plant may need re-potting in a bigger plant pot (you can check with us for advise)